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AVNCIis a specialty brand that creates premium containers and lifestyle products for those who appreciate quality, attention to detail and eye-catching aesthetics.


About our lead designer

My name is Jemuel Stephenson, a lifelong artist, inventor and entrepreneur. Since as early as I can remember, I’ve been mesmerized by the composition of eye-catching, properly executed creation. My mission is therefore to accurately interpret the Human condition through the things we touch, see, and otherwise experience.

My early childhood was filled with toy-making sessions with my siblings, resulting in sometimes bizarre, sometimes practical “inventions”. Everything we could get our hands on turned into some contraption or another. I loved learning about new things, and was constantly looking for an outlet to apply my knowledge. It came out in art, usually drawings of creatures I’d just seen on a zoo or aquarium expedition. It came out in inventions too, including a flying/submersible car with 3 forms of power and retractable wings (gotta go fast, eh?).

In 2005, we got introduced to a fairly new concept called the FAB Lab. It was a room filled with cool machines that you could program to make pretty much anything. I was my 10-year-old version of heaven. I could touch my thoughts. We quickly became poster-children for the FAB Lab movement. By the time I was 12, my siblings and I were winning international design competitions designed for undergraduate and post-graduate contestants. 

I ended up pretty much growing up in the Lab. My first job was as a tour guide and technical assistant, helping others understand and use the space for their projects. I quickly found out that people had imagination and creativity, but couldn’t quite translate it through these new mediums, and it ended up being my job to be that outlet for them. I took on the bulk load of designing and creating their projects. Hundreds of people, probably over 1000 unique projects.  By now I was teaching design software and strategy while managing labs. I also took up photography and started a small graphic design and apparel printing business.

I studied Mechanical Engineering at Bucknell University from 2013 to 2016. It was a good time and a unique perspective. I ended up working in their newly opened maker space, helping students, faculty and staff design and execute different projects. My experience provided me with a new appreciation for industry and how things are made. In November 2016, I left Bucknell, rebranded my design company, and set out to launch a new brand around creating beautiful, unique, premium products. AVNCI is that brand. 


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